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Naming method of bearing code name (I)

★1: The basic code represents the basic type, structure and size of the bearing, is the basis of the bearing code, pre-code, post-code

When the structural shape, size, tolerance and technical requirements of the bearing change, the supplementary code is added around the basic code

The basic code

Type code – Size series code – inside diameter code

Bearing size series code by bearing width (height) series code and diameter code combination

★ Diameter series refers to the outer diameter series corresponding to the same bearing inner diameter, such as 7, 8, 9, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Diameter series in ascending order of size.

★ Width series refers to the width size series of the same bearing diameter series are 8, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc

A series of increasing width dimensions

★ The width series of thrust bearing with height series corresponding to centripetal bearing has 7, 9, 1, 2 and other height dimensions increasing

4 height series

★ Nominal inner diameter 10 to 17 cases 00 to 03 00=10 01=12 02=15 03=17 04 above ×5

Use a “/” to separate 0.6 to 10 (non-integer) from the size series code: 618/2.5D =2.5mm

1 to 9 (integer) pair deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings 7, 8, 9 diameter series Inner diameter and dimensions series code

Use “/” to separate example: deep groove ball bearings 625, 618/5 d=5mm

The picture

Bearing form

The picture
Standard open bearing

The picture
Standard enclosed bearing

The picture
Open bearing with flange

The picture
Enclosed bearing with flange

Cylindrical roller bearing

N Outer ring without retaining edge

NF outer ring single fender

NN double row cylindrical roller bearing

NFP outer ring single guard edge, flat when ring

NNU inner ring double row cylindrical roller bearings without edges

NU inner ring has no flange

NJ inner ring single flange

NA Needle roller bearing with double locking rings on outer ring

NUJ inner ring without retaining edge, with oblique retaining ring

NH inner ring single retaining edge with inclined retaining ring

NUP inner ring single guard edge, flat retaining ring

RNU without inner ring

RN outer ring

The meaning of the pre-code

F Radial ball bearing with flange outer ring (for tight use d≤10mm)

L Detachable inner ring or outer ring of detachable bearing

R Bearing needle roller bearings without detachable inner or outer rings are only suitable for type NA

WS thrust cylindrical roller bearing ring

GS thrust cylindrical roller bearing ring

KOW shaftless thrust bearing

KIW thrust bearings without seat rings

LR with detachable inner ring or outer ring with rolling body assembly bearing

K roller without cage assembly

Ex. :

6 03 ZZ C3 6 finger deep groove ball bearing 2 diameter series 2 03 inner diameter 17mm ZZ double dustproof cover C3 radial clearance

7 2 20 A DB C3 7 finger Angle contact ball bearing 2 diameter series 20 inner diameter 100mm A finger Angle 30 degrees DB back-to-back combination

1 206K +H206X 1 finger aligning ball bearing 2 Diameter series 06 Inner diameter 30mm K taper 1:12 H206X finger set sleeve

N refers to cylindrical roller bearing 3 diameter series 18 inner diameter 90mm

M refers to the cage for the copper CM motor radial clearance CM often refers to the deep groove ball, cylindrical roller bearing rear

HR30207J HR high load bearing 3 Tapered roller bearing 0 Width series 2 Diameter series 07 Inner diameter 35mmJ refers to the outer ring roller diameter, Angle, width and ISO system

★★FAG code Prefix code

R without detachable inner or outer ring bearings

GS. Thrust cylindrical roller bearing ring Gs.81112

K. rolling body and cage assembly K.81108

Thrust cylindrical roller bearing shaft ring K.81112

Post code

1: Internal structure A B C D E

Contact Angle C:15° B:40° E:25° contact Angle

Physical cage

TV: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide solid retainer, steel ball guided.

TVH: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide self-locking pocket solid reholder guided by steel balls.

TVP: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide window solid retainer, steel ball guided.

TVP2: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide solid cage, roller guided.

TVPB: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide solid retainer, inner ring guide (thrust roller bearing as shaft guide)

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